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Clown is a sacred and spiritual journey to a deeper connection to yourself and to the world around you. Clowning requires great honesty and vulnerability, but once mastered is a powerful tool for transformation. Whether you want to perform as a true clown, use clowning in your own self-development, or harness its power to help others, clowning offers a lifetime of exploration, revelation and deep, deep connection.

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Barnaby King is an internationally recognised clown practitioner who bridges the worlds of live performance, clown coaching, and academic research.

His book, Ridicule and Resistance: Clowning as Social Practice in Colombia, was published by Bloomsbury Methuen in 2017. In 2009 he founded the ClownEncuentro International, an annual festival of clowning in Colombia.

He is also the founding CEO of Clown Spirit, a pioneering online resource for clowning. And when he’s not busy doing all those things, he loves to direct and perform in all manner of clown shows, such as his latest creation, Ship of Fools, a collaboration with clowns from Sweden, France and UK.

Barnaby is driven by a desire to make clowning available to more and more people, so that they too can experience the joy, lightness and connection that it has brought to him over the years. This is the motivation behind programs such as THE CLOWN CONNECTION (an 8-week deep-dive into all things clown), CLOWN4LIFE (a small group coaching program) and CLOWNX (masterclasses with experts from all over the world).

"It's such a pleasure and a joy to be in a community of people who love clowning, who are interested in it and passionate about it. It feels like home. You are well of knowledge."

Shlomit Oren

"As a new clown, this platform has been invaluable. No where else could I get access to so many different teachers, resources, courses, and community! The weekly coaching sessions have really been helping me take steps forward. Barnaby creates such a welcoming and safe space that is really is a community."

Nova Casillo


Resources for every stage of clown self-discovery.

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