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What's it About?

Moshe Cohen's masterclass is for people who wish to explore their inner clown world, to develop clown from the inside rather than putting it on.

Developing the clown from the inner impulse means connecting to your sense of humor, fun, delight, and mischief, bringing all your senses into play to guide you as you define and map your clown world. Based in Richard Pochinko’s pioneering clown method, physical theater pedagogy, and Asian influences – Kyogen, Butoh, Shintaido and Zen - Moshe's session has three primary intentions:

  • To help you define, deepen and expand your clowns’ non-verbal vocabulary and emotional expression
  • To developing capacity to create resonance and connection with the audience.
  • To improve your clown’s awareness, authenticity, and your capacity to embody clown.

What Do You Get?

  • 2.5 hours of Zoom-based instruction with MOSHE.

  • Overview of the "Pochinko" method, his 'magic circle' as the connection point of clown, and his method of evolving personal clown architecture.
  • Brainstorming and developing physical/vocal (ie non-verbal) vocabulary for expression
  • Embodied exploration of personal expressions based on Pochinko's methods
  • Forever access to the recording of the masterclass

  • Opportunity for interactive Q&A with MOSHE

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When is it?


2.5 Hours starting 17.30 (UK), 18.30 (EU), 12.30pm (EST), 11.30am (CT), 10.30am (MT), 9.30am (PT)

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Presenting Moshe....

Moshe Cohen is an internationally renowned teacher, performing artist and sacred mischief maker. He has toured his Mr. YooWho show widely in theaters and festival around the world (50+ countries/1000+ performances). An early pioneer of the Clowns Without Borders movement, and co-founder of the Zen Order of Disorder (OD), Moshe currently works with the Medical Clown Project in San Francisco bringing laughter to both elders and children in institutional settings. He also brings humor and lightness trainings into the workplace and educational institutions. He continues to occasionally travel internationally to teach workshops. He teaches both performers and laypeople, in clown/theater schools as well as spiritual/zen centers. 

Moshe began performing in 1981 and in 1983 quit his job, drove to Montreal and started street performing on the Rue Prince Arthur.  After a couple of years, Moshe was touring his show professionally in the festival world, both in Canada and in Europe (scroll down for a listing of festivals).  He began teaching Clown in 1993, at the San Francisco Circus Center. In 2001, he began teaching ‘Clowning Your Zen’ workshops with Roshi Bernie Glassman, expanding his focus beyond clown performance to the everyday world and how to awaken levity and lightfulness.(scroll down for a listing of teaching venues).

Moshe has trained with some of the world’s most innovative and respected physical theater, clown, butoh and Zen teachers studying in Montreal, Paris, Antwerp, San Francisco, Malerargues, Yokohama, Kyoto (and more)… His formal artistic training includes physical theatre, clown, butoh dance, kyogen, kabuki, taoist health exercises, mime, ukulele,  and voice. Informally he practices juggling, closeup magic, bubbleology, singing and playing ukulele, and balancing objects on his nose.

Moshe has worked extensively in the Clowns Without Borders world, founding the US chapter in 1995, participating in over 30 projects. He lead the group informally, then established it as a non-profit in the US. He was the executive director, then board president, and currently is an emeritus board member.  Moshe is also the Closhi (guru of subtle humor) of the Order of Disorder of the Zen Peacemakers, and tries his best to live up to the OD motto, ‘Don’t be here Now’.


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