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What's it About?


This workshop will focus on the discoveries made through the Jacques Lecoq pedagogy about the body, movement, space, state, breath and creating collectively.

“Tout Bouge” (trans. “Everything Moves”) is one of the famous quotes of Jacques Lecoq, the creator of the International school of theater in Paris. What’s behind that statement, that affirmation or rather, that provocation…?

Everything starts with the body. 

The actor has one instrument: their body. The body will be the tool to create theater. A body exists in a space, on stage or in a non traditional space with other bodies. And together they create movement. Moving the bodies in space, transforming the space and creating theater.

What’s more… the body can translate the movement of everything it observes. A tree, air, metal, a color. How does orange move? How does metal breathe? What is the gaze of air? How does the body and therefore the state of the actor change when it embodies elements, materials, colors? What do we learn about the laws of movement, of the dynamic and quality of gestures? How does the rhythm observed help us understand that theater is rhythm, without rhythm comes Boredom!

Jacques Lecoq pedagogy helps the actor to play its instrument and tune it. By translating in movement what does not move when we observe it, we open a new world for the actor-creator and enrich our creativity with new vocabulary. We also look at life and are able to understand and reproduce its true rhythm, which creates a theater rooted in what the audience will recognise and therefore trust.

When Is It? 


9am (PST), 12pm (EST), 5pm (UK), 6pm (EU)

(The class will last approx 2.5 hours) 

Where is it?

Zoom. All ClownX Masterclasses are online.

(We only work with teachers who already have extensive experience of teaching their work online)


What Do You Get?

  • 2.5 hours of exclusive small-group time with clown master teacher EMMANUELLE DELPECH.

  • Full explanation and demonstration of the Lecoq pedagogy and ideas of the actor's expressive body.

  • Practical exercises and experience to help you understand this concept in practice.

  • Individual coaching from EMMANUELLE.

  • Q&A time with EMMANUELLE to discuss ideas form the class or broader issues.

  • Archive of 12 past ClownX Masterclasses.


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The ClownX Archive

About Emmanuelle

Emmanuelle has a long and lauded history of performing, directing and teaching movement-based theatre.

She was classically trained at the Ecole Supérieure d’Art Dramatique de la Ville de Paris and l’Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq.  She also earned an MFA from Temple University in Directing. In 2021, Emmanuelle became a certified Lecoq teacher, and taught at the school in 2022. 

For 8 years she was an actor/creator with The Pig Iron Theatre Company in Philadelphia, and still on the faculty for the Pig Iron MFA program. She has worked for many prestigious theatres including Second City in Chicago, The Arden Theater in Philadelphia, and the Movement Theater Studio in NYC. She creates and performs in her own pieces as well as directing for regional theaters, including ‘Spinning Immigrant’, and ‘Madame Douce-Amere’ produced by 1812 Productions, and Jen Child’s project ‘The Woman and Comedy Project: It’s my party!’

As a teacher, Emmanuelle has taught semester-long courses at Swarthmore College, Bryn Mawr College and University of the Arts. Last year she was a guest artist and teacher at Williams college where she directed Theater: a love story by Caridad Svitch. She is currently a guest artist and teacher at Bryn Mawr college for the year, where she is directing for the fall a Cabaret: Caboosh. Furthermore she will be teaching workshops for the 1st year MFA at Yale on Neutral mask this coming spring.  

She specializes in teaching the Jacques Lecoq pedagogy as well as other devising methods.

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Deb Rich

ClownX is a remarkable resource for meeting and conversing with master clowns from around the globe. The access to masterclasses on a monthly basis is beyond my wildest dreams come true. Today's class with Jeff Raz was eye opening and heart opening on so many levels. Masterful teaching of the inner workings of clowning. Thank you Barnaby for building the extraordinary Clown Spirit!

Robin Eriksson

The ClownX Masterclass series has been pure magic. It's hard to put into words how transformative it is to be a part of it and all it offers. The practices and wisdom shared in each one is a gift in itself; compound the workshops and it is truly a winfall! I am so grateful for the constant inspiration and encouragement, and for what I am learning about myself and clowning. Did I mention, ClownX is M.A.G.I.C.? 

Brian Sutherland


Just took this amazing class thanks to Barnaby King! I highly recommend doing some of the Master classes. I can’t believe how much play we got to do in this workshop with the amazing Joe Dieffenbacher 🤡 Thanks to both of you. One of the best zoom Classes yet!