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The Clown Connection

8-Week Deep Dive into All Things Clown, Starting 11th January 2023


What People Are Saying:

Hooray for Clown Connection! Thoughtful, well researched clown theory and history. Exercises, improvisations, and structured assignments to get clown energy pumping through your veins. Barnaby has a keen eye for the bit and how to make it sharper, more artful, more ludicrous. He has an encouraging way with students that inspires risk-taking. I had a blast!


World class teaching and materials -- a great experience. As a former Cirque du Soleil clown and the director of The Clown Conservatory, I didn't know how much new I would learn about clowning. I was very pleasantly surprised. The materials go so deep and wide, and the course is so well constructed, that I learned volumes about clown traditions and techniques that I had never encountered or thought I knew. Barnaby's relaxed and personable teaching style is the perfect compliment to his sharp intellect and avid curiosity. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in clowning, from beginners to old pros.


Just what I needed to develop my clown. Clown Spirit is just what I have been looking for to help me develop along my clown journey. The Clown Connection is structured so well. It is presented in an accessible way with a video to watch before the lesson, then a wonderful cocktail of clown theory, exercises, connection and play. The community is so supportive and Barnaby makes the experience so accessible and inclusive and fun. I am sad that this course is ending this week but it has given me so much to explore and the video resources and articles are there for me to peruse long after the course finishes.


An Awesome Experience to Grow Creatively. The Clown Connection course has exceeded my expectations. Barnaby offers excellent resources, creates an atmosphere where it's safe to risk, is prompt, responsive, and organized. His experience as a performer, academic and teacher shine through. The course taught me the basics of clowning and then some. It's a superb course. I hope you'll find it as inspiring as I have.


Joyful inspirations. Clown spirit has been a joy these past weeks to be a part of! Barnaby is extremely knowledgeable, and holds space extremely well, and I feel very cared for in this place. On top of that, the constant inspiration keeps me constantly searching and researching, which is invaluable. I'm definitely considering joining the Clown4life to get more out of this =)