$449.00 USD

The Clown Connection

Here's a summary of what you'll get when you sign up...

  • Informative and inspirational classes based on 2 decades of teaching and research
  • Expert nourishing support and feedback on your creative work
  • Extensive supporting resources, including many article and chapter PDFs of key clown texts
  • Access exclusive Facebook group for students, where we will exchange ideas and ask questions. 
  • Weekly creative challenges to push and stretch you in new directions

What People Are Saying:

I really appreciate you adapting this work for online. It totally works. I'm glad I've found a teacher who can bring it online and make it fun and engaging. Thanks for taking that leap. You do a great job at it.

Sarah Parsons

Barnaby King is professional, thoughtful, and invested in his students knowing the history and traditions of clowning on a deep level, but also being able to manifest this physically. This is the real deal.

Daniel Miller

I loved the mix of exercises and the way they flowed into each other. A good balance of hearing about stuff and getting stuck in. Nothing could make me happier. I went into the class feeling a bit tense and really loosened up, physically and psychically.

Dolly Turing

I found the environment you created very thoughtful, fun & open. It is marvelous to have this opportunity in these difficult times of distance to create connection with others in the context of the workshop.

Casey Draper