With an 8-Week Deep Dive into the Clown World

21st Sept - 16th Nov 

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THE CLOWN CONNECTION is not just a regular course...

It's a comprehensive, multi-channeled, transformational program, which will RECONNECT you with your core clown impulse.

With live Zoom workshops, video presentations, creative challenges, resource archives, an exclusive Facebook group, and plenty of personal guidance.

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8 weekly units bringing together 20 years of practice and research under a single roof

What You Can Expect from THE CLOWN CONNECTION

Learn new ideas and knowledge about different kinds of clowning
Practice clowning through focused exploratory exercises
Reflect deeply on what it means for you personally to clown
Share and build community with others around clowning
Gain new insights and understanding into your calling as a clown.


When is the next course?
  • September 21 - Nov 16, 2023 (8 weeks + 1 week break halfway)
  • Workshops on Thursdays (10am PST, 1pm EST, 6pm UK, 7pm EU)
  • 8 weeks of classes (different themed unit each week)
What happens each week?
  • Video Presentation: 1 x 30 minute online training with key ideas and research relevant to the topic.
  • Zoom Workshops: 1 x 2 Hour Zoom workshop exploring the topic through practical exercises
  • Creative prompts: an invitation to play in your own time and get feedback.
  • Community: Exclusive Facebook group for your cohort, where you will share your progress, ask questions, connect with others!
  • BONUS RESOURCE ARCHIVE: as if that's not enough, you will also get access to a library of clown resources every week.

Pay in Full


  • Weekly Zoom Workshops
  • Video Presentations
  • Resource Archive
  • Creative Challenges
  • Exclusive Online Forum

Monthly Payment Plan


  • All same features
  • Spread the load over three months
  • Just pay $150 to enroll 
  • Subsequent 2 payments a month apart
  • Enroll anytime before start date


Clowning has been my life since 2000 when I was exposed to the magic of clowning and realised that this was my path and my calling.


What was it about clowning that captured my heart?

First and foremost was the fact that it required nothing except my own complete honesty and authenticity in front of an audience. That kind of stripping away of masks and pretense appealed to me hugely, because my whole life I'd always felt I was 'pretending' to be something I wasn't.

Now I could be myself and the audience loved it.

And that was the second thing about clowning that was so incredible...the audience's unconditional love. Up there on stage I felt so seamlessly connected with the audience, I felt accepted and loved in a way I had never felt before. 

Of course the audience were just reflecting back what they saw - me, allowing myself to be the biggest and highest version of myself possible. And together, as one, we could go on a journey of transformation which would leave us altered forever.

That was it...I was hooked.

I made shows, I wrote a book, I taught many courses in many countries.

My most recent amazing discovery has been the power of clown teaching online, which I never would have thought possible. But over the past 2 years I have seen that people coming together via the magic of technology can get the same feeling of connection, spiritual deepening and emotional letting go that they get in person. 

There is always space for new discoveries and new adventures, and our journey together is beginning right here and right now.

Welcome to the Clown Connection.

What People Have Been Saying

Robin Eriksson

I can honestly say participating in THE CLOWN CONNECTION changed me!  You invited me along with my course-mates to play and explore individually and collectively in an environment of gentle assurance and safety, encouraging curiosity, risk taking and stepping outside comfort. I loved the multiple points of entry into the course material from the video tutorials to the theoretical reading to the practical application and physicalization of clowning. The experience was rich. Thank you, Barnaby! As an educator/facilitator, you are top-notch.

Jon Luongo

I had a blast on THE CLOWN CONNECTION! Thoughtful, well researched clown theory and history. Exercises, improvisations, and structured assignments to get clown energy pumping through your veins. Barnaby has a keen eye for the bit and how to make it sharper, more artful, more ludicrous. He has an encouraging way with students that inspires risk-taking.

Shlomit Oren

THE CLOWN CONNECTION course is highly recommended!!! Don't think twice, just sign up and start having fun! In fact the course was so good that I want to sign up again for the next round! I loved allowing myself to be free and creative during the clowning exercises. I also learned a lot from watching my class mates clowning around and made new friends.

I Want Me Some of What They Got

More Student Love

Matthew Fielder

THE CLOWN CONNECTION is an exceptionally beneficial online class. Great experience and wonderful, knowledgeable teaching. Fun exercises and connecting with others from around the world makes these sessions both an intimate and rewarding experience. This course is helpful for those new to clowning and for those interested in continuing their work.

Nova Castillo

As a new clown, this platform has been invaluable. The weekly coaching sessions have really been helping me take steps forward. Barnaby creates such a welcoming and safe space that is really is a community. I’m only partway through the Clown Connection course, but the research Barnaby has done is amazing (and he gives you copies his resources to read for yourself)! This platform opened a door to clowning for me that otherwise would have remained shut due to financial limitations.


Laura Accili

THE CLOWN CONNECTION is an absolute masterclass in clowning! From the origins of clowning to modern day supplemented with examples, discussions and extensive resources. Barnaby creates an open environment which encourages everyone to create and grow. If you're looking for an informative and inspirational clown class, this is it!

Innovations in online clowning


I created this program because I saw many people enjoying the free content on my social media channels. But for some, it was just not enough.

I noticed there were some people were ready to take it further and shift their clowning practice into a new realm. These people wanted the whole deal, a comprehensive deep-dive into clowning where they got much more regular access to me, to other clowns and to a transformational learning experience.

While there are a number of 'how-to' online clowning courses out there, what's missing is the fundamental understanding of why you are clowning in the first place. The ability to link this kind of intellectual understanding of clown to embodied practice is what I have specialised in for the past twenty years and I want to share that specialised awareness with you, guiding you through your own exploratory process (different for everyone) towards a new depth of rootedness in your clown and your clowning practice.

This program will work for EVERYONE, whether you are an experience clown performer or just starting to dip your toe in the world of clowning (i.e. little or no experience). Together we will examine and process what it means to be a clown in the modern world, where clowns are needed more than ever.

This program is also the gateway into my Clown Spirit ecosystem, a whole curriculum of clown for people who want to become leaders in the field. There are other programs that follow, but THE CLOWN CONNECTION is the first essential piece of the puzzle, a foundational program upon which everything else is built.