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A New Concept in Online Clown Mentoring

When you join Clown 4 Life you instantly become part of a diverse global community of people dedicated to growing themselves and their clowns.
90-minute workshop sessions making it easy to stay in touch with your essential clown energy, play with others, and get regular access to experienced teachers.
Focused, expert feedback and guidance in whatever area of your clown life and work you feel you most need it (e.g. a routine, an idea, a workshop plan, a life challenge).
Catalogue of blog posts, videos, recordings of ClownX sessions, clown-versation episodes, plus a library of academic article, website links and books reviews.
Live, intimate encounters with a different world-class teacher every single month (upcoming masterclasses with Jef Johnson, Joe Dieffenbacher and Shannan Calcutt).
Full access to ALL Clown Spirit's pre-recorded courses, including Awaken Your Clown Spirit, Create Your Clown Masterpiece, The Clown Connection and Clown Hacks.
As a community member, enjoy significant discount on all live courses, one-to-one coaching sessions and (most excitingly) awesome swag from the Clown Spirit shop.


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  • Weekly Coaching
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  • Weekly Coaching
  • Monthly Class
  • Clown Library
  • ClownX
  • Course Access
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Zero Risk Promise

I want you to know that if at the end of the first month you feel you have not received your money's worth, I will refund the entirety no questions asked.


Clowning has been my life since 2000 when I was exposed to the magic of clowning and realised that this was my path and my calling.


What was it about clowning that captured my heart?

First and foremost was the fact that it required nothing except my own complete honesty and authenticity in front of an audience. That kind of stripping away of masks and pretense appealed to me hugely, because my whole life I'd always felt I was 'pretending' to be something I wasn't.

Now I could be myself and the audience loved it.

And that was the second thing about clowning that was so incredible...the audience's unconditional love. Up there on stage I felt so seamlessly connected with the audience, I felt accepted and loved in a way I had never felt before. 

Of course the audience were just reflecting back what they saw - me, allowing myself to be the biggest and highest version of myself possible. And together, as one, we could go on a journey of transformation which would leave us altered forever.

That was it...I was hooked.

I made shows, I wrote a book, I taught many courses in many countries.

My most recent amazing discovery has been the power of clown teaching online, which I never would have thought possible. But over the past 2 years I have seen that people coming together via the magic of technology can get the same feeling of connection, spiritual deepening and emotional letting go that they get in person. 

There is always space for new discoveries and new adventures, and our journey together is beginning right here and right now.

Welcome to CLOWN SPIRIT.