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What's This Class About?


Storytelling is a core tool for a clown. But on its own, it’s still not clowning. So how do we get from there to here? How can we bring sufficient abstraction and distance into personal experiences to be able to enjoy the telling of them even if they contain some pain? How do we take our stories and let the clown dance with them, run with them, be illogical, wild and silly with them?

Our personal stories are often fiery, perhaps because they are so close to our hearts; This fire makes them a wonderful place to start when we are looking to create material for our clown. But first we have to springboard off of our intellectual mode of communication into something more instinctive.

In this masterclass Sky will lead you through a simple set of exercises that bring you back to the body, providing space in storytelling for unexpected interpretations, instinct and personal freedom.Starting from a simple story that moves us, we will do the work to distance ourselves from that story enough to allow it to shift, swell, and possibly turn into something else along the way. When we give our clown the option to tell our story, we don’t know exactly where it will lead. But we can be sure it will be transformative.


When Is It? 

SATURDAY 3rd August

9am (PST), 12pm (EST), 5pm (UK), 6pm (EU)

(The class will last approx 2.5 hours) 

Where is it?

Zoom. All Clown Spirit Masterclasses are online.

(We only work with teachers who already have extensive experience of teaching their work online)


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CLOWN STORIES is the third in a 3-part series of masterclasses with Sky that explore the idea of working with personal material to create clown work. In TRUTH & EXCESS we explored the simple presence of the clown and the possibility of amplifying authentic emotions. In MOMENTUM we discovered and played with the sources of movement, the impulses that lead to action if we can escape the trap of our logical minds. This final part focuses on how to create more extended performances for our clown based on personal stories.

NOTE: for this final masterclass, a core group of 8 volunteers will go through the core storytelling process and get feedback while others observe. If you want to be part of the core group, please email me at [email protected]

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About Sky

Born in New York in 1970 and raised throughout Mexico, at the age of 14 Sky joined San Francisco’s Pickle Family Circus as an apprentice. In this sunny one-ring circus she learned the basics of still trapeze, juggling and acrobatics.

Six years later she studied in Montreal’s National Circus School on the Saint Laurent river, where she perfected high swinging trapeze techniques and developed important work-friendships.

After "Circus Circus" in Belgium, "Circus Flora" in Missouri and two summers of street performance in Quebec’s festivals, at age 24 she co-founded "Pocheros", the Circus of Images, and toured two different contemporary circus shows extensively through Europe, Cambodia and Australia for 8 years.

With the arrival of her two first daughters, she lowered the bar bit by bit until she finally stood with both feet on the ground. In "The Smile at The foot of the Ladder", Ueli Hirzel’s circus adaptation of Henry Miller’s book, she took the frightening and exhilerating leap into "real clowning", and dedicated herself entirely to the absurd.

As her relationship to the stage changed, she developed a strong attachment to the artist residency "le Château de Monthelon", became a founding member of its association, and a rigorous believer in the creative process, in all of its wild and unpredictable forms.

Parallel to this, she began to teach and to direct. When her third daughter was born, she produced an autobiographical solo show called "maintenant" ("now"), an intimate look at her own history as both woman and clown. She followed up with "Flying Fish Circus", a family/collective with its roots in sequins and dust, and "Ibou a Faim", (owl is hungry) a solo clown show for children, about an optimistic but famished wandering vagrant.

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Deb Rich

Clown Spirit is a remarkable resource for meeting and conversing with master clowns from around the globe. The access to masterclasses on a monthly basis is beyond my wildest dreams come true. Today's class with Jeff Raz was eye opening and heart opening on so many levels. Masterful teaching of the inner workings of clowning. Thank you Barnaby for building the extraordinary Clown Spirit!

Robin Eriksson

The Masterclass series has been pure magic. It's hard to put into words how transformative it is to be a part of it and all it offers. The practices and wisdom shared in each one is a gift in itself; compound the workshops and it is truly a winfall! I am so grateful for the constant inspiration and encouragement, and for what I am learning about myself and clowning. Did I mention, Clown Spirit is M.A.G.I.C.? 

Brian Sutherland


Just took this amazing class thanks to Barnaby King! I highly recommend doing some of the Master classes. I can’t believe how much play we got to do in this workshop with the amazing Joe Dieffenbacher 🤡 Thanks to both of you. One of the best zoom Classes yet!