Tools for Activating Clown in Your Life

No matter how much or how little experience you have, this course will take you on a journey to face all directions of yourself and laugh at the beauty of your ridiculous and unique clown spirit.

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What is different about the Clown Spirit Way?

For us, clowning is the sacred art of the ridiculous, a transformative practice that brings lightness, joy and connection to you and everyone around you.

Bottom line, it’s not about how you look on the outside and more about building the awareness and consciousness of clowning on the inside.

In this intensive class I address the things I think are most important as you enter into this sacred space, including self-acceptance, play, heart connection, curiosity of mind, spiritual opening, and listening to our dreams and desires. 


Awakening Your Clown Spirit Activates ALL Your Faculties


Understand that to clown we must first come to accept ourselves on the deepest level, even those parts we'd rather not acknowledge.


Learn how the clown taps into the innate playfulness of the universe (Lila) in order to open up a space of pure creative flow.


Clowning requires us to open up at the heart level into a state of full authenticity and connection with ourselves and others.


By tapping into our natural curiosity and getting interested in the problem, we understand that clowning requires intelligence.


To clown we must access our intuition as well as unseen impulses that come from outside ourselves letting them steer the ship, while you sit back and enjoy the ride.


Getting clear on our own desires and dreams, which involves questioning why we are doing it and what gives us pleasure to play.


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About the teacher

Barnaby King is an internationally recognised clown artist and digital creator who bridges the worlds of performance, teaching, and research.

Barnaby has been a clown since 2000, and is driven by a desire to make clowning available to more and more people, so that they too can experience the joy, lightness and connection that it has brought to him over the years.

His book, Ridicule and Resistance: Clowning as Social Practice in Colombia, was published by Bloomsbury Methuen in 2017. In 2009 he founded the ClownEncuentro International, an annual festival of clowning in Colombia.

And when he’s not busy doing all those things, he loves to direct and perform in all manner of clown shows, such as his latest creation, Ship of Fools, a collaboration with clowns from Sweden, France and UK